Saturday, 12 April 2014

Expressions - a portrait link up

Not a human portrait for "Actually Mummy"'s Expressions link up, but a special one I am proud and pleased with it nonetheless.

This old boy has soft tissue sarcoma, a heart murmur and the cat version of Alzheimer's (or similar). He flits between looking as if he's at Death's Door and mustering enough strength to hound anyone who walks in the utility room until they feed him. Not so bad for eighteen years I guess.

This photo is wonderful because he looks as he always has done. Freshly groomed and enjoying the sunshine. Even if he can't quite remember what he's doing there....

Expressions - Actually Mummy...


  1. Such a lovely shot. Sounds like he is really in the wars so it is great to get such a nice shot of him looking so contented in the sunshine.

  2. Majestic aint it. I so love cats because they are so confident. Lovely lovely shot. #expressions

  3. Ah he's beautiful. And he does look totally with it and content, bless him. Perfect image to link up, thank you x

  4. He looks beautiful and happy. Wonderful photo to have of him enjoying the sun.

  5. Ah he is gorgeous. I love the shadows and sun, can imagine him being very cosy x


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