Monday, 30 November 2009

A Futile Search for a missing "Hamster" :(

What a traumatic evening.... I always knew it could happen, it was a potential trauma all parents face but I had somehow managed to avoid for the past twelve years but this afternoon it actually happened. A has lost his "hamster". I should point out the reason for the inverted commas. This is not a real hamster, in fact it isn't a hamster at all, but a much-loved and long treasured beanie toy. And it really isn't a hamster (or "hampster" as A calls it) it's a panda.

A has had this precious cuddly for years, they are given to children who attend the Portland Hospital and whom therefore become members of the "Portly Panda Club". All the children receive these bean bag toy pandas and both twins had them. Like everything else which has been duplicated by accident or necessity his had an "A" on the label and K's had a "K" on. They have been wrapped in muslins, like babies, carried around everywhere possible and I have been so careful to keep tabs on both of them. Finally it happened, the inevitable I guess - one was left behind in town this afternoon.

A has been quite stoical. I've phoned everywhere we went, driven back after collecting J from his bus and hunted all over the place. On failing to find it this evening we headed home about 6pm. K was so sweet and offered him her "hamster" - which I was so touched about. We arrived home and he started to cry. Obviously I comforted him and he pointed out the one he held didn't have an "A" on the label. However what amazed me most was when he said:-

"But Mummy, I'm sad because hamster is missing, and you will cry if we don't find him." !!! Bless. Empathy in bucketloads (thank goodness) and hopefully not emotionally scarred for life!

He's in bed asleep now... and I'm off to check ebay for alternative pandas! (sorry, hamsters!)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

School Nativity Plays

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without a school Nativity play - complete with plastic baby Jesus, shepherd's in dressing gowns and tea-towels and fake angels covered in silver tinsel. The sweet simplicity of a nursery production of fifteen minutes which (I know) has taken the teachers and assistants weeks of careful preparation is the essence of its success. More complicated productions with older children have something different to offer in their frequent attempt to convert the traditional Nativity into something more current and acceptable to today's youth -
but I love seeing 3 and 4 year olds stumble on stage in their too-long costumes whilst looking for Mummy and Daddy in the audience.

This year we are in for a treat. A has been chosen to play "Joseph" and K is an angel. (Of course!) However my current difficulty is explaining to her that angels are different from fairies and although they do indeed have wings her wand will have to stay at home. This didn't go down well but I'm working on it. A on the other hand is chuffed to bits to have been chosen to stand over Baby Jesus and fortunately doesn't have to say his name during the production, since I think a lisped "Jofish" is very cute but may be a little confusing for the audience! I must admit to being stupidly proud and am anticipating the big day eagerly. Of course, he will most probably see me and run off the stage on the Big Day for a cuddle!!

H's Christmas Production is a closely guarded secret at his school, but he is participating this year which is great. I did hear that someone had make the mistake of referring to Christmas as "Jesus' Birthday" though, which they hastily regretted when H proceeded to explain how Jesus was most probably born in July and Christmas couldn't be called his birthday since it just wasn't "right".

Note to self - Must keep the theological philosophising to myself in future.......

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