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Since when was parenting not a valid, full time job? Proud to tick the 
"Stay at Home Parent" box with a valid opinion on  Life, the Universe and Everything in between! 

Kate is a 47 year old mum of four. At least, that is what her cv says. Actually, Kate is a virtual representation of multiple algorithms which function collectively better in print. At least that’s what it feels like much of the time.

Remembering you exist from the neck down can be difficult whilst entirely preoccupied with many thought processes at any one time, but then that is what children are for - a wonderful reminder to constantly ground you in a reality all too easy to become detached from.

Having Blogged prolifically for several years, transitioning into writing books was merely a small, terrifying leap into the unknown. (I'm working on it, I just need life to stop getting in the way...) Initially a self-indulgent attempt to reclaim a maternally suppressed creative spark, the written word takes on a life of its own. Writing is self affirmation at its best, the finest comfort food in print.

Kate is a sleep deprived mum to four gorgeous children and wife to a long-suffering husband Richard. Cambridge University History graduate and qualified primary school teacher, these are my "musings" - my personal, idiosyncratic observations, experiences and opinions. I have also written on Reflux/EGID/EDS and Allergies which affect us all and also ASD. Our second son has Autism and ADHD amongst other challenges!

Why do I blog? Read about me here.

I Blog about Politics, Parenting and just about anything else which grabs my attention! 
I also write the Recipe Resource, for those dealing with complex food allergies and exclusion diets.



  1. Wow. That is some resume! I'm impressed you have the headspace for politics with 4 kids ;)


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