Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Thoughts!

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house
The children were squealing, “The cat’s caught a mouse!”...
A present for Harry, her favourite friend
She brought him the one thing a small cat would send.

The Free From mince pies were safe in the tin,
No dairy, or soy, wheat or gluten was in
Mummy had not had to bake much this year
‘cos Genius sent a large box of good cheer!

The Mulled Wine was flowing, Norad was on
The stockings were found and the chocs were all gone
Presents were wrapped, a last minute panic-
Have I remembered them all, the town must be manic!

Daddy had gone to pick up the meds
Last delivery this year, Mummy had said
The regular trips to the pharmacy gate
Collection of crate after crate after crate.......

We keep them in business, or so it must seem
To keep our kids well, it is always our dream
It seems never ending, a burden at times
Whilst onlookers claim “they always look fine”

How little they know, the long sleepless nights
Tummy aches, traumas, it’s not fair and not right
As we all keep going with loud cheery voice
It’s the right thing to do - and we don’t have much choice

There are always so many worse off than you
With loved ones in hospital, so sad but so true
People with no home on this Christmas night
We just can’t ignore them - that would not be right

So please all this Christmas with all the good cheer
Spare a thought for all those not so lucky this year
We all live in such an affluent place
Yet neglect the most needy - it’s such a disgrace

Spare a thought for the homeless, the mentally ill
The sick and the frightened - they need your Goodwill
Support those who help, who give of their time
And make a donation as you sup your mulled wine

Crisis and Shelter, Macmillan and Mind, 
So many to choose from I’m certain you’ll find
A cause with some meaning that speaks out to you
Christmas means sharing and giving it’s true.

So we wait for the man in the jolly red suit
With “Norad Tracks Santa” hot in pursuit
I’m thinking of friends, near, far and here
And sending out wishes of good Christmas Cheer

It’s been a good year with much to remember
As we come to the end of another December
We hope that the next one will turn out all right
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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