Saturday, 21 December 2013

Blogging Goodbye to 2013 in Rhyme!

This is my entry for the linky "Blogging Goodbye to 2013"

'Twas the night before Christmas, and thinking aloud
I considered my year, of what I was proud
What I had published, what went in the bin,
Certainly plenty had failed to go in.

Twelve months of sharing, caring and fun
Stress and frustration and being a Mum
Tentative steps towards something for me
The children are growing and some time is free...

Well that was the theory, it rarely works out
But I write on regardless, raising my Klout 
Hoping one day to do more than my Blog
To keep myself busy- avoid getting that dog.

So in time-old tradition I'm writing a rhyme
Something I now do at each Christmastime.
Sharing my highs and my lows from the year
And sending to all of you good Christmas cheer!

I've Blogged about issues impacting on us
Using my platform to rant and to cuss
But mostly to bring some small insight for you
I gain from the process - I hope you do too.

To focus the mind, make some sense I can see
Blogging on something important to me.
Trying to turn your thoughts up on their head
Making you think in a new way instead.

Please follow the links for a whistle stop tour
Of Autism, Politics, Blogging and more.
Sometimes just quirky or helping my friends
Education and coping with all that life sends.

Writing makes me less lonely, a comforting friend
Isolation seems normal as technology trends
Sometimes we expect more than we're able to do
It's time to stock, and just think of YOU.

Then my friend's girl went missing, you all helped us out
Spreading the word and her picture about
Social Media is wonderful, supportive and more
but beware of its dark side, there is much to abhor.

I'm often provoking, don't follow the crowd
Sharing my innermost feelings aloud.
I've joined several Blog groups to get my Blog seen
Getting published online, how exciting it's been!

It's been a good year, lots of memories to keep
Marking the milestones, those valuable leaps
If you like what you see, you might vote for me
I'm in UKBA, just click and you'll see!

Now all that remains is to wish you some fun
Have a great time this Christmas, I think that I'm done
There's a link to each post that I've written this year
Merry Christmas to all, the Big Day is near!


  1. Fab poem! I also love the quote about food allergies, so true!! Wishing you a prosperous 2014 :) #Mumsnet2013RoundUp

  2. Thank you! Happy Christmas to you too :) x


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