Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Age of Enlightenment-or not!!

At what age do children start beginning to see through the veneer on life? Stop believing in magic, Father Christmas and fairies?

Far too early today. So many of the twins' friends already see through society's and their parents' efforts to keep the magic alive, and not even the full force of Disney with (arguably their best ever ) new Winter's tale "Frozen" can maintain the illusion.

The opposite is true in our family, where the almost-twelve-year-old firmly believes in Santa and the tooth fairy's status in our house is pretty special indeed. 

Our children are not that easily fooled however, and A's comment last night made me smile. We are staying at our favourite place for a couple of relaxing days between Christmas and New Year and much of the hotel has been refurbished to the usual high standard. On noticing the new laminated, logo imprinted bath surround in our bathroom he was momentarily impressed... then put his head to one side and observed:-
"Of course, that's not a new bath- they have just covered the old bit up!" 

So true.

So why do our three youngest build elaborate excuses, possibilities and imaginary solutions to perpetuate the existence of the magical and fantastical? I'm not sure I know the answer- but I'm loving this extension of childhood in an increasingly adult world.

So in the same vein I bring you H as the "History Chicken", star of the Potter's Xmas film Extravaganza. Magic.

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