Friday, 24 October 2014

My Child, My Choice

This should speak for itself, but I am increasingly frustrated by the public ignorance around issues which don't affect them, and the arrogance in thinking it "isn't their problem".

I made a choice, it is my right,                                      
I have no wish for verbal fight
But if you seek you to challenge me,
My human rights are plain to see.

For choices made for X and Y
Are all I can be accounted by
I will not consider others' fear
My responsibility ends right here.

But does it? Can it be so plain
That you can choose and choose again
Whilst blessed with this luxury of choice
You choose not to hear those with no voice.

The children whom we cannot protect
Or cannot feed, or clothe and yet...
Apparently this is all fine,
As long as it's not yours or mine.

All simple choices made by you
Will impact wider - and as they do
Those "others" whom you chose not to hear
They have rights too- just not so clear.

Vaccination, a hot potato,
Decisions made, results come later
So much written, none too clear
Unless you're reading without fear.

Thus selfish, pseudo-educated views
Become much more when out on view
Social Media is much to blame it's true
Endorsing "Me" and Forgetting YOU.

The smokers stating "It's my Life"
The drunks on Friday "I have that Right"
They're taking Liberty just too far, forgetting there is another "R"
Rights they have but something else, they leave RESPONSIBILITY on the shelf.

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  1. Some people definitely put their right over their reaponsibilty! Beauifully written :)

  2. The world and human nature has gone to pot - if I think too hard about things I despair for humanity.

    A really well written poem x

  3. It is very true, no-one cares about anything unless it affects them directly. It's very sad. Beautifully written.

  4. This so so very true- believe in what you think is right and true to our heart .

  5. Brilliantly written - I wish everyone would be more aware of others feelings. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

  6. A great post - definitely a time for people to take more responsibility.

  7. Brilliantly written - and you're so right.

    People seem to be so unaware of other peoples feelings at times x

  8. Beautifully written with a great message.Well done.

  9. This is a great piece and very well said. I hate the 'me me me' attitude and dismissal in society of so much of what goes on. It's very, very sad. I completely agree with you.

  10. Very well said, I love the message the verse shouts out

  11. brilliant post , your writing is beautiful


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