Friday, 8 January 2010

Well it certainly isn't the weather for Gardening! (Leave)

Inspired by Mel's verse today and the fact Richard that is now officially "in between jobs" on paid gardening leave!

Twas the last night of work, before having a rest,
Though 'twas not summer weather - and wearing a vest-
I considered the prospect of four long weeks off
and startled myself til I started to cough

For I suddenly realised the stark implication
Of suddenly gaining an extra vacation
The chance to take stock, have a rest, get a break
Was not going to be easy, and no "piece of cake".

Never mind the requirements already in place
To service car and my teeth - put a smile on my face.
With new glasses on order, a place at the gym
When I start my new job they'd say "Just look at him!"

For all the right reasons, I'd be feeling so good
From getting some respite and rest, that I would!
One problem was looming, an issue so big
it threatened to stop me from starting to dig!

For isn't that just what this leave is about?
Gardening, tidying, and sorting stuff out
I have so many plans, have been making a list
I could go on more but you must get the gist.

The the kids have appointments and visits and trips
School runs and homework and somewhere to nip
There's always a problem or dilemma to fix
How to find time for me in a family of six!

It seemed so impossible I just couldn't think
so the only option right now is to sit with a drink
to consider the issue of where, how and whom
and try not give in to panic too soon.

When all of a sudden it dawns on me now
There must be a solution, a way through this somehow.
I know just the person to help me this time
The one who can work things through everytime.

She cooks and she cleans, washes and cares
Tends to the kids, the cats and the hamsters
She washes the clothes, then irons them quick
And STILL finds the time for an internet fix.

She's mastered the art of juggling life
Or at least does it well enough to cope without strife
She's always on time, the kids never late
For ballet or piano, karate or a date.

I'm wondering whether I've had it too easy
Time on the train, coffee and snoozing
The time to think straight, with no one else screaming
Is something I'm beginning to find very appealing.

For now I've an answer, a wee cunning plan
To ensure I start work a smart, fit new man
We'll work it together, this month will be great-
Sharing the fun back at home with my four kids and KATE!

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