Thursday, 21 May 2009

Time off = time in lieu

Yay! Another Thursday over... sorry for the delay in posting ;) Life got in the way, as it has a habit of doing. Still, Richard is home early and I have red wine and dark chocolate! Antioxidants now, hangover later.....

It's been an odd week. Tuesday I enjoyed a fabulous day girlie shopping with lunch in Cambridge, a rare treat! It involved a fair amount of forward thinking and preparation, not least ensuring someone was available at the end of the phone in case of a H emergency. An hour's travelling home just wouldn't cut it if he jumped the gate and left the school premises, or needed three members of staff to restrain himagain. K and A stayed at nursery for the day (there were FOUR lunch bags out on the worktop on Tuesday morning, how cute was that??) and I had a whole day to myself.

I should point out the chance of such a treat actually happening is rather low. Firstly with four children there is always a good chance one will be ill. Or forget something important en route and feel very ill making you ridiculously late because you have to succumb to their pleas to go home and get homework/sports kit/blazer..... or insert your own option. It also requires H to take his Ritalin early enough to actually calm down and agree to go to school, which is always easier since you can still go in the outfit you started in once he's been firmly deposited in his classroom.

Problem is, "Me Time" can rather go to your head. It's like alcohol, if you aren't used to it it hits hard and Tuesday was a really good, smooth merlot drunk rather too fast.... (I told you Tuesday was a good day, right?) I turned out of Harry's school (the last drop off point for all four) with Maroon 5 cranked up on the radio and my shades on. Coffee en route? I decided not since caffeine + freedom high would be just a bit more than I could take at 9.15am. The roads were clear, the faulty parking sensors turned off and the sun was shining. What more could you ask for?

It was a great day, I spent too much and LOVE my new bag but I have paid for the time off since. My tired toddlers, whom you would think might sleep well after their first full day at nursery decided sleep deprivation is a fair punishment for too much maternal free-time. They loved having lunch at school though and want to do it again but I'm slightly less keen after the extreme stroppiness of the past two days after far too little sleep. (and that could be read as them OR me lol) Harry has given me possibly the toughest 48 hours for a long time and the benefits of my day off are rapidly ebbing away....

..... so it's just as well I've got a WHOLE WEEKEND off starting tomorrow since J, K and I are off to Manchester to stay with a friend and R is home all next week to help with the fallout after. SO I'm high as a kite and excited as hell that I get such a cool break, although I have pebbles in my shoes to assuage the compulsory guilt I can assure you!

Don't you love holidays?

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