Who's Who!

Kate is a 47 year old mum of four.
At least, that is what her cv says. Actually, Kate is a virtual representation of multiple algorithms which function collectively better in print.
At least that’s what it feels like much of the time.

Remembering you exist from the neck down can be difficult whilst entirely preoccupied with many thought processes at any one time, but then that is what children are for - a wonderful reminder to constantly ground you in a reality all too easy to become detached from.

Having Blogged prolifically for several years, transitioning into writing books was merely a small, terrifying leap into the unknown. Initially a self-indulgent attempt to reclaim a maternally suppressed creative spark, the written word took on a life of its own. Writing is self affirmation at its best, the finest comfort food in print.

Why do I blog? Read about me here.

So here's the gang:-

Long suffering husband, best friend and (at times) fifth child!

Source of my inspiration, my biggest supporter and soul mate.

Usually found in front of a computer or outside mowing the lawn...

Son number One.

Kind, caring, diligent and sensitive. Never did his bit to prepare me for parenting teenagers as he's pretty easy going and considerate. Studying for a scholarship funded Masters in Geography after gaining a First in 2020, passionate about Climate Change. 

Previously famous on YouTube having invented Minecraft SkyWars (with a public mention at Minecon, London) he went on to win not one, but TWO NaSTAs at Uni for production. (All those years syncing firework displays on Roller Coaster Tycoon weren't wasted, see?!)

Having spent years running competitively he set up an Athletics Academy at his school during his Gap Year and no runs for pleasure. I know, mad... right?

All in all a pseudo-student who works too hard, eats too sensibly and focusses on the future and his place in it too much to fully qualify.

Son number Two.
Unique. Exhausting. Opinionated. Inspiring. Subscribes to a different life philosophy from the rest of us, thinks he’s ready to take on the World but I’m not sure it's ready for him. Expert on many topics with lofty ambitions which he may well achieve, if he can get out of bed on time. Likely to make a name for himself one day, his determination does him credit when channelled in a positive direction! (Recently decided to play the piano, despite considerable difficulties with dexterity and although not reading music he can now play Phillip Glass!)

Has more diagnoses than there are days in the week with Asperger's, ADHD, EDS, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility, Raynaud's amongst them. However don't for one minute believe they define him or limit his horizons.

Son number Three.

Eccentric. Quirky... completely determined, single minded and quietly driven. Desperately wants to "make a difference" in the world but only when he's finished playing piano.

Musical, creative and currently getting used to his new tenor voice. Young composer, with published music to his name by age 12. Recordings on Soundcloud and links on Pinterest.

Plays piano, organ and sings, loves art and misses sailing.

  ...and last but definitely not least, Daughter number One.

Eager to please, loving, incredibly capable and determined. Sensitive yet fiery and with a life plan already. She might be the youngest (only by 10 minutes I might add) and have 3 older brothers but not one to be ignored.

Musical and artistic, would like to live in a remote cottage with a hundred animals (mostly dogs) and draw/paint all day. My mini-me, and the only one I would leave in charge in my absence.


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