Wednesday, 30 July 2014


A puff of steam, a shriek of smoke
A cough, a splutter - try not to choke!
The acrid smell of boiling steam
A time warp bubble, old-fashioned dream.

This roaring beast, smart-clad in steel
Seems imbued with power to feel
Voracious appetite not enough
It thrives on more - on care and love.

A bygone time we fast-forget
We rush in haste and do not let
A single thought cast on our place
But wish instead to have our space.

It reminds of times of more than me
And more than you could ever be
When life was slow and had some mean
When machine and man could be a team.

And in this symbiotic life
With family more than man and wife
Community meant something real
Something tangible to feel.

We had more time to see and hear
To do things right- not work in fear
Today we rush and separate
But think on this before too late-

Man was not alone to be
When God created you and me.
The world is hard but full of hope
Together we could learn and cope.

And just as in the Age of Steam
We need to do more as a team
Community means so much more
Than knocking on a neighbour's door.

Emma-Kate Thompson 30-vii-2014


  1. So agree with the last verse especially! Brilliant stuff! :)

  2. Love it. We live near the N Yorkshire Moors Steam, Railway and the boys love visiting,.

  3. Great poem. agree with Bavarian Sojourn, last two verses are great

  4. Wonderful poem. We love riding the steam train near our home. Oh, how things change over time.

  5. Beautiful poem! I love the word symbiotic - it feels so good just to say it. It rolls round the mouth. I do think you have inspired me to pick up my poetry pen once again :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  6. Lovely poem! And I agree, community is much more than just knowing who your neigbours are. We need to be a real community!

  7. Lovely poem! Can relate to most of verses!

  8. This is a lovely poem.We have trains go past the back of our house which Max loves however there is also a steam train near where we live.

  9. Fabulous poem, love the sentiments, and I love a good steam train too, not that the bygone eras didn't have their own problems too!

  10. Excellent poem - anything that uses the word symbiotic is good with me.

  11. Brilliant poem - the verses have so much true meaning behind them x

  12. I like the sentiment behind your words. Community spirit is sadly lacking everywhere nowadays.

  13. Brilliant poem with such a great meaning behind each verse x

  14. Lovely poem. Definitely food for thought.

  15. What a lovely piece.
    And you are right community means so much more... why so many people simply don't care about it these days?

  16. Fantastic poem. I always found something magical about steam trains. x

  17. Lovely poem, I really enjoyed reading this.


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