Thursday, 24 September 2009

An Ode to the concept of "Special"

Humour me, it's been a bad day...

"Special" is the child who wakes you up screaming like a banshee before 6am

"Special" is the cat who needs a premium on the cost of spaying to avoid those pretty spots...

"Special" is the glitter on the masterpiece created ON the kitchen table and signed underneath, ON the table, in biro

"Special" is the medication which can only be collected from the main surgery - but it was closed due to a "Special" type of day

"Special" is the Leave your son's Consultant has been granted which is so "Special" you can't be told why and no one saw fit to let you know why the June appointment has yet to be realised

"Special"is the permission needed for Harry to attend wrap around care....but it's so "Special" everyone forgot to book him in on the "Special" form

"Special" is the Statement which took YEARS to fight for and win, only to be used as extra crowd control in the class

"Special" is the permission needed for the extension which you thought was the same as everyone else's

"Special" is the time in the bath when everyone is in bed

"Special" are the cuddles in front of the TV with everyone together

"Special" is the reality, not the pretence. The underneath, hiding behind the "Special" facade

"Special" is the glass of wine after a very long day. ;)

To Mel - who shares my type of "Special" life ;)

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