Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Staycation v Vacation

So it's pouring with rain and has been continuously for the past 48 fact, as most UK residents would undoubtedly acknowledge it has been raining almost every day since he beginning of April. Such is the Great British Weather.

We are currently enjoying a family holiday at Center Parcs, having forgone Plan A of holidaying abroad this year. The hassle/stress/worry of taking two on strict exclusion diets and one with behavioural issues abroad would have made all but those with nerves of steel think at least twice- and that would be after a stiff drink.

So we opted for the fail-safe close-to-home easy option yet again and booked up a week 45 min up the road. Ambitious- no. Practical- undoubtedly but perhaps a little lacking in the sun and warmth department. It is July, though. Surely a bit of sun isn't too much to ask for?!
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