Sunday, 11 July 2010

Quote of the Day

"I know of nobody who is purely Autistic or purely neurotypical. Even God had some Autistic moments, which is why the planets all spin." ~ Jerry Newport 

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Fate or Free Will? Today I'm a firm believer in Fate.

Fate is a misconseption, it's only a cover-up for the fact you don't have control over your own life.” Anon

Earlier in my life I subscribed wholeheartedly to the philosophy that Fate was merely for those "too weak to control their own destiny" , and that we determine our Fate by our actions. However now I'm not so sure.

I have deliberately avoided recent reference to our impending house move, partly because the saga has been running since last Summer and must be boring everyone as much as it is us, and partly because the situation has become so unreal that it is seriously lacking in the credibility department!! My life can be incredible enough at times, fuelling the fires of absurdity and tempting so called "Fate" by imparting new information has not seemed a good idea!

I wrote here about the second house we were trying to buy. Having virtually reached the point of exchange our seller's decided to take their house off the market. To say I was totally devastated was a serious understatement, we have to be in Ipswich for schools in September and until we are resident there in theory at least H could lose his school place. Time is running out and there is very little on the market right now either..... never mind the huge conveyancing sums we are running up on the attempt to successfully purchase a house!

Whilst I desperately tried to fend off the impending nervous breakdown (no pun intended, this move is seriously doing me in) my parents and I spent a morning frantically phoning every Estate Agent in the area. At this point I really believe Fate stepped in - Mum called the sales centre for the first new build we had tried to buy last year - but had yet to sell. The buyers of the last family home on the site had pulled out that morning, and our call was placed before anyone on the waiting list of no fewer than 162 hopefuls had been contacted. Better still, it is (in my opinion) the best plot on the site, and the best house of every single one we have viewed/considered/attempted to purchase this year. Catchment for H, walking distance (just, if necessary) for J and close to local amenities.

Luck doesn't begin to describe it - and we are not home and dry yet, but it certainly seems to us that we have actually had very little choice in this process, buffeted by the winds (and storms!) of chance. (Or perhaps this is evidence of Free Will and Fate/Determinism working together?) Whatever the case moving house is not something I will ever undertake again with so many variables at once. I may well have a certification in Advanced Juggling but this week I came as close to dropping all the balls as I ever want to again. 
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