Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Second Same Difference Link Up

Welcome to the SECOND "Same Difference" Link Up!

Here's my entry:- REUNION
Now it's YOUR turn!
The "Same Difference" Linky

Have participated in a number of Linkys recently, both here and on my other two Blogs I have really appreciated reading others' views, experiences and perspectives.

"Same Difference" is a new Link Up for posts which offer a new perspective on life and enlighten, inform and provoke.

This includes the mundane as well as the unique, anything that challenges the assumptions of society or attempts to put any viewpoint in a "box". 

I'm all for challenging and questioning!

  • Does your child have additional needs which make milestones more difficult to reach - celebrate them here! 
  • Do YOU have difficulties which mean whilst ostensibly the same, make you feel different?
  • Do you have a different slant or outlook on life? A wry comment to make about society?
  • Do you have a child with wonderful quirks and/or who makes comments which make you think about the mundane in a new light?
  • Share a photo which prompts a new perspective
Almost anything goes , this linky is to celebrate difference, difference in views, abilities, achievements, anything! 

(A bit like "Different Strokes" but that name is taken!)

How to join in!
  1. Add your link below to enter
  2. Add my Linky badge to the bottom of the post you are linking up
  3. Visit, share and comment on some of the other posts.
That's all! Get linking :)

Here's the Badge Code:-

<a href="http://musingssahm.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/second-same-difference-link-up.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/kate29thompson/Linkybadge.jpg" style="border:0"/></a>


  1. Looking forward to reading those who link up

  2. This is a brilliant idea for a link up! I shall have a think about what I can contribute for this week or next. :-)

  3. What a good idea - I shall give it some thought

  4. Such a great idea, looking forward to reading the posts

  5. What a great idea, look forward to reading the posts

  6. I'll be back tonight to comment on fellow linkers but I love this linky idea!

  7. Great idea and right up my street, especially for my other blog. I'll pop my thinking hat on and pop back later on. :)

  8. Good idea for a linky. Will have to have a think!

  9. Good luck with the linky! I don't think I've got anything to share though >_<

  10. Great idea for a linky, I love seeing life from a different perspective, and am a great believer that you can always learn something, even from those you may disagree with!

  11. I hope your linky goes well and you get lot's of people joining in x

  12. This is a lovely idea. Looking forward to reading those who linked up this week.

  13. What a fab idea for a linky - I've added mine, I hope it's suitable x
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

    1. Goodness yes, it's perfect :) a great post too. Thanks for linking up!

  14. Great idea! I linked up my post, thank you!

  15. great idea, hopefully will get a chance to look at all the posts that have linked up x

  16. This is a great idea. I look forward to checking out the links :)

  17. We would have so many stories to share, but... we can't :-( there are huge restrictions on fostering

  18. Great idea for linky - will try and remember to join in later


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