Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Transition - on many levels.

Too many perhaps. but then my life was never meant to be straightforward!

We are definitely moving house. Twice. Our new build will not be completed until Christmas (fingers crossed, but we are reading end January....) and we have now sold our current home. So, in a couple of months we need to move into rented and wait for the completion of our new home.

As I sit typing that it all seems very unreal, as though I were recounting the plans of some fictional family, hell bent on  a path of good intentions for bettering their daily lives with horrendous - almost laughable - potential pitfalls on the way. Apart from anything else, just HOW many visual aids is this master plan going to necessitate to help smooth the path ahead for H? Not to mention the legal substances I am likely to require to get myself through the next 8 months! Quite honestly, coffee and wine bills really need to be factored in to our costings. The stress of moving a family of six twice, changing schools for three of the four children, relocating medical services for the younger three and ensuring continuity of care is enough to send the most laid back of mothers into a headspin. Those of you who know me well will recognise that isn't a good description of yours truly, and although I have been told I've been shortlisted for Most Organised Mum of the Year I'm not sure an A Level in Advanced List Making or a Degree in Juggling (see below) is sufficient to safeguard my sanity in the coming months.

However, the promise of a simplified school run (read "walk") and a new kitchen can make it all seem worthwhile and quite exciting. I suppose it comes to something when granite worktops with natural copper flecks shimmering within pushes your buttons but for most mothers the kitchen is of prime importance. Having the opportunity to design the interior of your new home is thrilling and absorbing, hopefully the inevitable brain ache from the necessity of two house moves will be more than worth it.

On the whole I don't *do* big changes. Or at least I do, but with maximum stress until I feel I have "arrived" safely on the other side. Take my new computer. I am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro, which I am totally in love with. (Macs really do make PCs seem two dimensional and brittle.) But the heartache, angst and mental agony at the incipient learning phase was almost too much to bear. Watching my virtual footprint cease to exist for a few hours until the transfer was complete was painful in the extreme, like moving house in microcosm. unlike my husband, the journey is never pleasant, the process of transition I could totally do without. Just get me there ASAP!

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