Monday, 12 April 2010

Juggling - Advanced Level

I rarely post about my kids' medical issues, it's not something I particularly enjoy writing about and I seriously doubt anyone reading this Blog would choose to read such contributions.... but if you are reading this and therefore have at least a passing, superficial interest in my family then today I feel it necessary to share at least some small details.

Our youngest son made today a Red Letter Day. A day of Great Significance, although by no means the only one. Up there with H learning last week to ride his bike, today A went to the loo. Now I'm not talking potty training here, but the celebration of something most of you no doubt take for granted. Not to mention something very very few of you might see as cause for celebration!

The juggling referred to in the title is as you will no doubt correctly assume, my daily challenge. Actually I rather like the picture, because it really does illustrate for me my perpetual daily challenge on so many levels. We all learn to juggle from an early age, none so well perhaps as mothers. If you prefer an alternative analogy consider instead plate spinning, keeping everything spinning smoothly whilst avoiding any accidents! Life is supposed to be like that, it's fun, creative, absorbing, exhausting, thrilling and stimulating. I thrive on it - in the absence of a high flying paid alternative the more challenging life at home is the better. On the whole. And maybe with a minimum sleep guarantee. But what if the plates get further apart, change sizes, or the balls increasingly assume their own unique trajectories?

Take our med schedule. Granted none of the three children currently on medication are on anything particularly significant on their own, I know some friends reading this deal with far more. But I do find myself wondering how on earth I can maintain the crazy four-times-a-day current timetable which (when typed out) spans an entire page of A4?? It comes to something when a four year old requires maximum (and over the maximum) licensed doses for FOUR medications to do what nature intended and comes naturally to children the world over.

But today is a Good Day. Because aside from the input required to make it happen, I can go to sleep in the knowledge that today, A managed to go to the toilet. Contentment indeed.

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