Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First steps

I remember the day each of my children took their first steps, my sons all in a hurry - falling frequently, and my daughter's patient wait until the perfectionist in her was satisfied she could stand and walk independently without the embarrassment and frustration of falling! Such a magical moment as each proudly made the transition from baby to toddler. Little did I realise that nearly twelve years on my eldest would be taking another set of uncertain steps and that I would feel just as proud, excited and nervous.

Yesterday he was allowed to begin using his left leg after three months spent  recovering from a twice-fractured ankle. Initially his wasted left foot was too painful to weight bear but the resilience and determination of children is something to behold and tonight he is already more steady and confident. It will no doubt take some time for the muscles to regrow and strengthen, his foot appears a whole size smaller than the right (both narrower and shorter) and his shoe barely stays on initially! However it rapidly tightens as the reluctant tissue around the joint swells with unfamiliar use.

He's still dependent on crutches and will be for a week or two yet but this is every bit as thrilling as those first steps over eleven years ago. Mobility - and normality beckons!!

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