Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Children's Clothes

*How* difficult is it to successfully pass clothes down from one child to another?? I've had a whole DAY to myself today, something of a strange and new experience and have spent the morning trying to purchase the necessary items my children perpetually grow out of at the wrong time (ie out of season) and the afternoon in the loft (the confession of which will mean I have to endure hours of rib-tickling attempts from my husband tonight since I am known for liking time in our loft tidying and sorting, even when 7 months pregnant with twins!!) vainly attempting to organise what seemed like twelve years of boys clothes and miraculously find those the younger two might fit.

My daughter is a so easy. Apart from the odd item passed on from kind friends I buy new and guilt-free. I must say though that now I actually *have* a daughter the girls clothes available in the High Street leave a lot to be desired, but I'll save that for another post. The boys I attempt to pass clothes down with because it's more environmentally and purse friendly and I like what I buy. Or at least, I did. When I bought them - which might be 8+ years ago by the time son #3 gets to wear it. First there is the problem of successfully storing the clothes #1 son grows out of - which he does at an alarming rate and never wears anything out so there are a LOT. We have plenty of loft space but I always seem to miss the right box at the right time. Or maybe it is that despite being only 4 years younger than his older brother #2 son takes nearer 6 years to grow into his clothes - which *completely* throws my organisational system out.

Then there is the fact that #2 son is VERY particular about his clothes. Particularly particular you might say. We have (thankfully) made progress from everything being blue or black but he does have some very fixed ideas about clothes that feel "right" and are therefore acceptable. Then there is the fact he is positively tiny, several clothes years behind chronological ones. Son #3 has inherited or learned to have far too much to say about what he wears and is heading the same way and is actually fast catching up his next oldest brother, they already share socks and wellies and almost shoes.

Today I discovered a whole box of clothes son #3 *should* have in his wardrobe...... but despite my best efforts to persuade myself that the new things I bought this morning should therefore be returned I'm less than keen. Eight years is a long time no matter what condition they might be in and we are fortunate enough for me to keep what I bought today nonetheless. The guilt is slightly harder to dispose of though. Thank God for ebay!

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