Saturday, 6 February 2010

For all fellow Fiat (Multipla) owners

There is a reason the Fiat Multipla has never had a huge following in the UK. Despite Fiat's best marketing efforts and the fact that the Multipla is possibly the best people carrier around in terms of space inside without being an enormous tank to drive and park, its loyal following has failed to grow over here.

It all comes down to the weather.

Fiat is, of course, an Italian company. And it doesn't snow in Italy. Not usually anyway. I think the car's quirky design is the ONLY reason for its limited popularity here, without it it wouldn't stand a chance. Take the handbrake cable. Any discussion forum on-line will have at least one thread devoted to the problem this experiences in sub-zero temperatures. It freezes. Completely. You can release the handle in the cabin but the brake stays on. Even when you *think* it's released and drive away you are in fact dragging the rear wheels behind you, as R experienced recently much to his embarrassment.

But by far THE most hysterical weather-induced fault HAS to be the discovery that the motor controlling the boot lock (only Fiat would have a MOTOR to open a door for goodness sake....) shorts out in the cold. In the past we have experienced this as the boot completely locking up and you cannot open it again until the weather warms up. Seriously. But the recent cold snap produced a far more interesting situation - any electrical event in the cabin causes the boot to OPEN. This may not sound very amusing but imagine innocently driving along, reaching out to turn on the radio....... and the boot opens. Of course, that's not so bad if the boot is empty. Not so if it is full.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

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  1. !!! never had that problem! And to be fair, the rear brakes only froze once on mine... We did find, on the old one, that the boot release button on the boot didn't work when the lock was mucky, had to stick the key in and open in that way, also if you hit the boot release button under the handbrake lever and then close a door, the resulting change in air pressure in the car sucks the boot back in and you have to go and press the button again, lol

    Loving the new one (gone from frog-eye petrol to slope-front diesel) in the crappy weather...


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