Thursday, 11 February 2010

"Delete your life - Yes/No/Cancel"

What is it with mobile phone software????? Is it THAT difficult to get a software engineer capable of producing pc compatibility software of at least A level standard capable of synchronising date between phone and computer? In an age where mobile phones are becoming ever more sophisticated there is an unmet demand for adequate software to effectively (and securely) link phone data with pc data.

It may be that Apple has solved this problem. Indeed everyone I know raves about the iphone - but for those of us with no hope of obtaining the nirvana of mobile communication there is this little issue of phone to pc connectivity. This week I bravely (incredibly bravely, had I known what this week had in store) followed a friend's advice (you know who you are Simon) and strode bravely into the 21st Century, embracing the electronic calendar. Now I'm a paper and pen kind of girl and whilst I am also admittedly something of a closet geek I love my diary. So this leap of faith was quite the milestone, and I carefully transferred the contents of my dairy in an electronic experiment.

All appeared to be going well until today. I quite appreciated the drop down to-do list for each day, which is quite extensive for our family and saved carrying around a bunch of notes. However, the problem came from the phone deciding to revert to monthly scrolling rather than weekly. I assumed I had forgotten to enter a few appointments and entered them accidentally in March, rather than April. I quickly realised my mistake and went to delete the duplicates. I selected a day... and the phone benignly enquired whether I would like to delete all entries. Not "would you like to delete ALL entries, your forthcoming commitments, your children's appointments, essential to-do lists and in fact, your entire life for the coming month, but just "delete all entries" - for that day. Or so one would assume. In a split second I watched the entire calendar disappear. There wasn't even a to-do list left to add "stiff drink, revert to old diary" on.

Fortunately I had backed the thing up, but it didn't end there. To retrieve the back up, I had to allow the phone to accept the pc as master, for Calendar AND Contacts. This was not what I had in mind at ALL since I have two separate contact lists, one of emails and the other mobile numbers, which I prefer to keep separately. There was no option for a tertiary level of thinking and I gave up.

Computers are only as clever as those programming them, and I have now reverted to my paper diary. Either my life is too complicated for an electronic alternative or those responsible for the trashy pc to phone software which came with my mobile have only a handful of contacts and one or two entries on their system. The latter is probably true of most software engineers (incl the one I'm married to!) but until my own life is that simple I'll stick to paper and pen and the knowledge my life will not suddenly vaporise at any given moment!

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