Monday, 7 December 2009



Well I have well and truly landed myself in it this time! Having managed to suitably impress the local Wraparound Care/Preschool that I know a lot about website building I've been given the job of rebuilding theirs. What I wanted, it's fun but now I'm feeling slightly nervous!

I've joined the Committee since H uses their After School Care and I felt I would like to "give something back" whilst gaining an excuse for some (limited!) kind of social life and the opportunity to dust off the old grey matter. At least, I figured I could book a Tesco delivery and be conveniently out leaving Richard to unpack at least once a month!!!

I have done this before, (the website building, not the Tesco delivery avoidance!) and I LOVE messing with on-line stuff, but it's a bit daunting nonetheless. I find the whole on-line creation process totally absorbing, for me it combines my love of writing, creating, designing and gives my artistic side an outlet. It's been a while since I was let loose on the public though, and exposing my abilities to further public scrutiny leaves me feeling about 21 again and trying for my first job.

Anyway, watch this space. Time to embrace my inner geek and get cracking I reckon. Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!

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