Monday, 21 December 2009

The Round Robin - love it or hate it?

Well the Christmas cards are arriving and with them the "round robin" updates to fill us in on last year's events. I have to say those we've received have been a lovely read, in comparison the type my parents continue to get I have been pleasantly surprised. I have been guilty of sending them myself in the past but with everything pretty much here now those I don't see can log in and read if they choose.

Is it a good idea to hear all the high points from someone else's family I ask myself? Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss. Take Facebook for example - FAR too much information. There I was, thrilled with my first party invitation for FIVE years until I read of the daily - yes daily - parties and Christmas events my friends are enjoying. Personally I think one invitation is pretty good when we can also actually GO, providing the snow melts to allow my parents a safe journey to babysit. (Thank goodness for grandparents, the danger money and compensation required by our babysitters here is extortionate!)

Anyway, I digress. The "round robins" have certainly made interesting reading. A close friend from Cambridge days sent a delightful one detailing their many and varied exploits this year. Made me wonder though whether I had once again found evidence for some kind of parallel existence.

CAMPING??? OMG? Where did they order their kids from? Walking to pick blackberries?

We are very envious. Getting ours to walk anywhere together without WW3 would be impossible, going away anywhere is impossible and I have to admit the thought of camping makes me laugh hysterically...... the twins would be up at 5am yelling and running around the campsite and H would be at full throttle until his meds kicked in.... and no-one would be able to eat the same thing!!! My lot seem incapable of amusing themselves without fighting for approximately half an hour right now. And a shared cottage holiday would be interesting too, I suspect we'd probably end up with the place to ourselves after 24 hours!

Jealous, moi?!!!!

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