Saturday, 12 December 2009


We've just returned home from the first Christmas Party I have been able to take H to successfully. The West Suffolk branch of the National Autistic Society held their Christmas Party today (see Links section for their Blog) and I took A and H. How totally fabulous are these people? H looked set to have a "wobble" on arrival because the craft tables were not *exactly* what he had planned to do - let's fact it apart from crackers there is a limit to the festive versatility of loo rolls..... - but someone directed us the the Games room and he was one happy boy.

Of course, if you have an ASD the best kind of party is a low-key, quiet event with opportunities to "tune out" and a quiet zone. H even found some others with the obligatory DS consoles and declared it the "best party ever!"

A was in his element creating decorations, bead necklaces for K and colouring much to the amusement of others who were impressed with his concentration and love of all things glittery!

And me? I actually found time to sit with a cup of tea before it went cold (bliss!) and chat to others who are dealing with similar stresses on a daily basis.

So THANK YOU to all the staff who worked hard to make it such a success.

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