Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hurrah for Legoland!!!

So last week I took H down to stay near a friend in St. Albans (hotel courtesy of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers) and took him to Legoland for a day. Someone had told me how great Legoland were for kids with disabilities, and they were not wrong. I obtained a letter from H's ADHD nurse regarding his total inability to queue, and in fact his lack of understanding of the CONCEPT of queueing. After diagnosis no one bothers with follow ups for the Asperger's/Autism so a letter for that alone might be more complicated to obtain...

We took the letter in and had our hands stamped with our "Exit Passes" which allowed us to walk up to the exit of each ride and jump straight on! Amazing! Usually the queues are so bad at Legoland you manage a couple of rides only each side of lunchtime, but we did the LOT :). Taking H without an Exit Pass would have been a total impossibility but this gave him the opportunity to enjoy a "normal" day out. We managed only 3 relatively minor meltdowns, two when Mummy couldn't find the Exit fast enough and one when I realised the Lego game he wanted wasn't Vista compatible, but the staff were great. I got in free as his carer too.

H thought the hotel was "really posh, real luxury" but kids are (thankfully) easily impressed at that age! There was a pool and even after 9 hours walking around the Park (who informed him it close at 7pm?? There was no way he was leaving earlier once he knew that lol!) he wanted an hour's swim.

Breakfast was something else... the buffet really confused him. "How do you know what to eat?" he asked. "How can I know what I should eat first?"!!!

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