Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Little people with the "wind up their tails"!

Well I don't know about the weather where YOU are but here it has been really windy. Not noteworthy windy in terms of anyone else taking notice about our little corner of the planet but enough to be a complete pain in the neck and seriously turn up the hyperactivity dial on the younger three......

Harry has blotted his copybook and broken his clear "no incident" run at school, but he has done amazingly well since we are three weeks into term. Whether his latest box of Ritalin tablets is in fact a box of placebos in an attempt on the surgery's part to either a) play an incredibly unfunny joke on us or b) enrol him unwittingly into an effectiveness trial program I don't know, but one thing's for sure, I could do without cleaning the footprints off the ceiling. He has a little friend coming to play tomorrow evening, from school. This is HUGELY important since it is a major first for Harry. He has only ever had his Asperger's Pokemon mad friend over before and their shared concept of play is to sit back to back and play different games on the Nintendo DS. We are not planning to break any records however, (or break anything else for that matter!!!) an hour's play to include tea is all we are aiming for but there sure as hell better be a genuine Ritalin tablet coming out of the box at 4pm tomorrow or it might be his last play date for a good while!

Speaking of cleaning off the footprints from the ceiling, anyone know of a good cleaner? Ours is reliable (which is why she's still with us) and nice but soooo not up to it. We have had an excellent cleaner in the past - but she had to change jobs since she became allergic to dust!!!!

In fact it really is truly absurd how the "Cleaner Phenomenon" operates in modern Western Society. Those of us with smart Middle Class homes (please see the slightly tongue in cheek expression on my face before bombarding my inbox with comments btw) who actually , for the most part, have high standards pay those whom (it certainly seems in our experience) have considerably lower standards to clean our homes for us! We pay them up to twice the hourly rate for the best childcare available to remove the surface dirt and leave our homes smelling of smoke. (Anyone know a cleaner who doesn't smoke? Send them my way please!) For me having a cleaner is an essential. Harry needs 24/7 observation when the little ones are at home, I don't sit down from dawn til dusk without cleaning the house. (and yes, I am standing up writing this in the kitchen ;) ) So the search is on to find a reliable, smoke free, efficient cleaner who works to my exacting standards. Can't see it happening any time soon!

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