Saturday, 9 May 2009

It's a good day :)

Today is one of those rare planetary alignments astrologers rave about. Everyone is well. Everyone is happy. All the jobs have been done and we still have a WHOLE DAY left of the weekend ;)

We finally have Harry's proposed Statement through and I have also spent all day rewriting Part 2 which explains his additional needs stemming from his dual diagnosis and his needs in the educational setting. Next comes Part 3 which needs to clearly outline the provision to meet these needs. The excuse for a revised Statement which we received doesn't even come close, and is woollier than the average winter sweater. Phrases such as "access to" are totally meaningless, I would love to have "access to" a LOT of things but it doesn't mean it's going to happen!

Fortunately assimilating a lot of information (assessment reports and information) into a single document is my forte - I have a History degree. But what of all the other (many) parents out there being fobbed off with similarly hopeless attempts to provide Statutory support to meet their children's needs? Autism is an invisible disorder and our children are let down left right and centre. If H were in a wheel chair and needed "access to" classrooms etc I would like to bet it would happen pretty quickly!

Our county is particularly bad - a friend spent 6 years fighting for her son to be Statemented and having moved County it took 3 months. Do the maths. However H does get a lot of support from school, if just needs documenting in the Statement. And a lot more besides.

Anyway... the planets have moved... the two youngest are squealing. My enjoyment of the freshly baked cheese scones will have to wait...

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