Sunday, 3 May 2009

Illness + sunny Bank Holiday weekend = total waste of time. Well, almost

WHY am I *still* feeling so completely rubbish when it is a) Bank Holiday weekend b) sunny and c) Richard is at home and not actually working for once?? My parents even have Harry for the weekend and I am feeling ill. Eurgh! Total waste of time!!!

Actually I have been ill all week trying to pretend otherwise since like "holidays", " illness" is completely incompatible with small children - which is why I usually refuse point blank to get ill, so I'm not sure what went wrong this time. Anyway, today I woke up feeling rubbish but began to recover by midday so we managed to have lunch out and view a couple of (extremely gorgeous) litters of Bengal kittens!

We have been pondering getting a dog for a while, but to be honest everyone is completely correct telling me I don't have the time and am too house proud for a puppy. Most rescue dogs are, sadly, abandoned for a reason and I decided to defer to public opinion and accept that our family life now + dog = totally incompatible. Sooooooooo not being one to give up we started thinking about getting a kitten. We have a gorgeous 13 year old neutered male cat (Timmy, called after Dicken's "Tiny Tim" because at 6 months he was really tiny..... but that didn't last and he's now a whopping 8kg...) and have tried getting other cats in the past. He did accept a tabby female and got on pretty well with her, but not her brother so we decided it had to be a female. However the tabby had to go after 3 successful years of co-existence as we were told our second son was allergic/asthmatic and she refused to sleep anywhere but his bed.

So for the past few weeks we have been looking at available kittens on the web. Can you believe how much moggy/Heinz57 cats go for? Around £80!!! Crazy! If you are going to pay that kind of money it's better to get a pretty cat at least! Whilst searching we discovered the Bengal cat, how beautiful they are and how they are more dog-like than cat-like, are trainable, like water and often go for walks with you. Explains a LOT about Timmy, not least his leopard-print tummy, must be some Bengal in him somewhere down the line!

So began the Bengal kitten search. You can learn quite a lot via the web when feeling too ill to do anything else in the evenings..... and having decided what we were after we couldn't believe our luck - a breeder in Colchester had a litter with one exactly as we wanted! She is called Jasmine and will be joining us on 30th June, when 13 weeks old - vet checked, vax'd and insured. She is THE most beautiful little thing - pedigree name "Jasmine Topaz Tigerlily" if that's permitted. Has a certain "Je ne sais quoi?" to it I think?

Anyway, should stave off the mid-life crisis a while longer and give me something else to think about for a while. I always did need another baby when the youngest reached 3 years!!!

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