Friday, 1 May 2009

Bank Holiday ponderings...

So it's Bank Holiday Weekend and in time honoured tradition in our family this weekend is time to:-

1) Tell our parents we are going to Aldeburgh on Bank Holiday Monday. Cue very amusing reaction along the lines of "Not on a Bank Holiday, surely? It'll be so busy, you don't want to do that etc etc before they realise we say this every BH weekend to wind them up ;).........

2) Plan to get the garden ready for summer, (I say "plan" because you know it will rain.

3) Start dreaming up DIY projects which are a) largely unachievable in the time available or without rehoming all children in the house first and b) totally impractical but hey it was fun thinking about it.

4) Realise that yet again we will be missing out on a holiday abroad. Actually, a holiday at all would be nice. Problem is I don't actually think the word "holiday" is compatible with the word "parent" despite assurances to the contrary from the holiday industry...

5) Stare in disbelief at the calendar as the Summer Holidays loom large - surely they've only just gone back to school?

6) If it *is* sunny enjoy it because this will probably be it for summer 09!!!

Have fun!
Kate x

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