Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wow, he did it :)

I am writing this as H is still snoring. It's 7 am and I cannot emphasise how significant that is! For most of his 7+ years (and certainly the past 2) he has been up virtually EVERY morning by 5am. At the latest.

But yesterday he managed (and enjoyed) a FULL day of school, no "issues" and coped with packed lunch (well he sat there, didn't eat much but this is a good start) and played outside. That's probably the most he's done for six months, having become pretty reclusive  and attending part time.

I am grinning from ear to ear that he has achieved this, relatively un-bothered that his behaviour after school was enough to break the strongest person's patience/sanity and pleasantly shocked beyond belief that he came home and wanted to do more "work". :) :)

The cynic in me hopes this won't shoot down our hopes for increased support in flames but the Headteacher isn't daft and should hopefully back us up at our meeting on Friday.

He's awake now. Screaming already too, it would seem to be an essential corollary to opening his eyes. Ritalin at the ready.... Oh, and in case any of you thought I got off too lightly earlier, K was shouting (as only my daughter can) at 6.20am that she wanted to go to school. Now. lol....

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