Monday, 20 April 2009

School tomorrow!

Is it wrong to be gleefully anticipating H's return to school tomorrow? J goes Wednesday, as does K, then A Thursday (the twins do two mornings together and one each on their own). Don't get me wrong, we have had a fabulous holiday. I have taken the bull by the horns so to speak and taken all four out all over the county over the past few weeks and much fun has been had. Many stares, a few comments and way too much noise but LOTS of fun :) Life could never be said to be dull living with an Asperger/ADHD combination, it's the noise I can't take! OK, the noise and the aggression, but noise is what gets you noticed when you are out and about ;)

I digress.... we've had fun, and I am struggling with the guilt over desperately hoping tomorrow comes soon and, more to the point, continues until 3.25pm. Emails have been pinging back and forth over cyberspace today with requests that we reconsider returning H to full-time school, but quite honestly whilst we endorse the Local Education Authority's complete (and inexcusable) apathy by agreeing to babysit him every afternoon nothing will change. The inclusion officer who is supposed to be (actively) involved in all cases of reduced schooling has formally passed the buck and without tangible, "real" work sent home from school (as opposed to "learning" which is the only allowed alternative in his School's alternative nomenclature) H whiles away the afternoons on his Nintendo Ds. Or his laptop. On YouTube. It isn't exactly "learning" in my opinion and enough is enough. School have actually been great and done all they can to support H recently but they are as frustrated as we are by the LEA's ostrich-like approach.

The school's currently favoured system of names and terms is bizarre to say the least. I kind of get it. H, on the other hand, doesn't. He asked me the other day why he gets asked to "choose a good learning space" when what the teacher actually means is "sit on the carpet". The latter he understands. The word "homework" is not allowed either and "worksheet" is a four letter word. Most kids on the autism spectrum collect worksheets, LOVE Homework and need to have important papers to file. Learning needs to be formalised, laboured over and celebrated on A4 photocopied sheets. Then filed.

So tomorrow H returns full-time at our insistence, with Pokemon lunchbag (arrived this morning from the USA (THANK YOU EBAY!) and hamster-chewed sweatshirt. (The only one he will wear.) He's excited, pleased he's "allowed" back properly with his "friends" and keen to "work".... as opposed to "learn"! I hope he has a good day, I'll enjoy the relative quiet with only two at home whilst worrying all day whether we have done the right thing.....

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