Friday, 17 April 2009

Joining the Bloggers!

Well since the world at large appears to be joining the ranks of the emerging blogging generation I have succumbed at last. Usually a prolific poster of various parenting forums this is entirely new to me but since I have a passion for writing and a basic need for a written outlet somewhere this might suit me down to the ground!

I am Kate, Mum to four. My eldest, J is just finishing primary school, H is 7 and has Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and no doubt other issues but no further diagnoses would make our lives any easier. He is perhaps the reason this is entitled "musings of a SAHM" rather than "musings of a soon to return to at least part-time employment" Mum, since my younger two are soon to be at school for more sessions. Life with #2 son is never dull, it's VERY loud, spontaneous and stressful, fun crazy and totally insane at times. He is about to return to full-time education after 6 months part time attendance. Sadly this is not because this is most appropriate but after fighting the Local Authority for all tat time for an alternative we are forcing the issue.

Twins A and K are 3 (going 6 at least at times...) and great fun, very demanding and a delight. Various health issues but nothing which prevents them enjoying life to the full.

My other half whom I love with all my heart is an IT Director and is also married to his job. C'est la Vie I guess.

As well as trying to start this Blog I am trying to get a support forum up and running for parents and carer's of children with Gastro-oesophogeal Reflux. All my paternal family suffer/have suffered, all my children and the twins worst of all. It is an issue as close to my heart as Autism Awareness for which I am also campaigning. Visit and if anyone knows someone who can help me promote this then ping me NOW!!!

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