Saturday, 18 April 2009

Easter Bunny or Gym Bunny?

It's that time of year. Every nook and cranny of the house has been sorted, tidied, threatened with eBay and smartened up. I don't know what it is with Spring but I was definitely born at the right time of year. As soon as the longer days and sunnier weather arrives my energy increases ten-fold, as does my enthusiasm to see beyond the mundane and essential. So, with the aforementioned seasonal changes having taken place I have been extremely busy.

We *were* going to move this year.
Having an extra bedroom would certainly shorten the prolonged playing, singing, shouting, procrastinating and sleep-fighting phase the twins currently inflict on us each and every night and might gain us a few more Z's in the morning! (Although this is by no means certain since it is difficult to ascertain who is most guilty of the early morning wake-up call, A or H . However since they are either side of a paper thin party wall differentiating is actually completely pointless, the resulting impact is the same.) We might gain some extra garden for the kids to run off their (seemingly endless) energy and some space between us and our nearest neighbours ( therefore reducing the complaints about the volume control H was born without) but my new-found energy doesn't extend that far. The stress of the last move seven years ago is still too fresh in my memory and I am none too keen to go there again. Yet.

So, having decided to stay put we have painted and re-carpeted the twins' room, planted up the garden for summer and ordered a new gate.

I have also re-joinde the gym. Getting fit is good but the real attraction is 50 minutes of "me" time with noone needing a wee/food/attention!!! I could spend MUCH longer in there ;) Trying not to become totally addicted but then given I need childcare to be able to go this is not likely. At all.

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